Inqubator Leeuwarden works closely with other incubators and educational institutions in Europe. These European partnerships focus on the sharing and exchange of knowledge and best practices.

  • Skills4Parents

    The Skills4Parents project intends to enhance the professional skills of adult educators and simultaneously improve parents’ personal growth, communication and parenting skills. The project aims to do this through developing innovative learning material for adult educators, related to several important skills, like communication, digital skills, planning and negotiation skills. Also, the project would like to […]

  • 3D2ACT

    Digitization and Industry 4.0 are perhaps the most important drivers behind the profound transformation of the labour market, the way people work and the new digital skills required to meet the needs of the digitalized market. 3D2ACT will support VET trainers and educators to strengthen their profiles with the acquisition of new skills, the development […]

  • Café Europe

    In every European Member State we create meeting places for social and entrepreneurial activities for and by young people. The aim of this collaboration is to create a strong, fertile, social and business growth place for every young person. One of Café Europe’s core concepts is social inclusion. In Café Europe, immigrant and native youth […]


    Project Life LIBERNITRATE aims to reduce the concentration of nitrates in the water cycle through an integrated innovative, cost-efficient and highly transferrable technology. This project is needed due to the excessive use of nitrates in European agriculture. For example, in Europe, 87% of groundwater contains excess nitrates (European Environment Agency). In intensive farming and cattle-rearing […]


    The DIFME project seeks to improve the digital skills and financial skills of entrepreneurs. It will do so by developing an online platform in which course material will be posted. These course materials will be developed based on an analysis of the needs of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship programs offered by Higher Education Institutions in […]

  • ECoC-SME

    This exciting project will allow SMEs to take advantage of the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) Programme. When an EU city is designed European Capital of Culture it receives EU funding and support for an entire year to organize events and activities within the city. Nevertheless, these events were underutilized by SMEs. This project aims […]

  • Upskilling Lab 4.0

    The aim of this project is to provide opportunities for organisational staff to improve their skills, which are related to making connections with international start-ups, scaleups and already established organisations. Here, there is a focus on modern technology and innovation (Industry 4.0 – network of smart devices that exchange information with each other). This, by […]

  • Enter.Mode

    Competitiveness of European economy requires citizens and particularly young people to be innovative, creative, flexible and courageous to face challenges in a dynamic and volatile economy. Young people need to become ‘entrepreneurs’: they should be able to turn ideas into action, successfully develop new commercial and social ventures and be innovator in the organizations where […]

  • ACBC

    With the increasing use of mobile technologies and permanent online access more youngsters have become involved in cyberbullying victims, perpetratos, and/or bystanders. Research at national level shows that cyberbullying tends to be perceived as an alarming and growing phenomenon. Together with regional partner 8D Games and international partners from Romania, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania and the […]

  • EnSoEd

    EnSoEd – Innovative teacher training in social entrepreneurship – is aimed at supporting the initial and continuous professional development of teachers’ profiles through the application of practical and innovative tools in order to promote social entrepreneurship education in secondary schools. By developing the teachers’ profile and adopting innovative practices and resources, we aim to have […]


    TCC VET will contribute directly to the professional development of VET teachers, supplying them with the digital and interactive tools to improve their lessons by using modern technology. Furthermore and equally important: we will support teachers by developing supportive guiding resources for them to fully understand HOW to use these tools effectively in the classroom, […]


    More interactive learning experiences have been shown to increase student engagement and participation resulting in improved quality of learning and understanding of the topic. One of the issues faced in the engineering sector is that educators in Higher Education are often lacking the digital pedagogy skills. To tackle this skills deficit, ESCOLA will provide increased […]


    Research shows that entrepreneurship education affects students’ motivation, compensates for their involvement, facilitates the transition from school to work and reduces school drop-out rates. The aim of the Student Talent Bank project is therefore also to increase the entrepreneurial competencies and mind-set of secondary school teachers, in order for their students to obtain entrepreneurial skills. […]

  • Entrepreneurship Is a Woman 2

    EIW2 is part of the program ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ (EYE). EYE enables new entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who started their own business in the last three years to gain valuable skills and experience beside an experienced SME’s founder. Since then until today thousands of entrepreneurs have participated in this program. The European program provides practical […]

  • ETC4SE

    The e-Training Centre for Social Entrepreneurs is specially designed to promote entrepreneurial culture among long term unemployed through the provision of tools to develop their projects that should solve a specific challenge in their community. Based on the management model implemented in the social economy sector, the aim is to convey the importance of human […]

  • T3QM: Three Questions Model

    One of the projects where Inqubator Leeuwarden was recent involved, is about the Three Question Model of Developing Social Entrepreneurs (T3QM). T3QM had the aim at enabling a wide variety of aspirant adult entrepreneurs, from backgrounds of need. The specific focus is on those who fail to access traditional support, to practically develop their enterprise […]


    IDEAL is a European initiative for teachers, educators & trainers involved in adult education. The project aims to help educators, teachers & trainers in adult education understand and put digital education into practice. They will be able to take their own learning experiences and those of their students to a higher level with the help […]


    VIP@work wants to increase the capacity of business support organizations to support SMEs in becoming internship employers. Business support organizations are those who are in daily contact with SMEs and are the perfect link between the SMEs and the VET schools. The goal is to improve the knowledge of business support organisations. By being part […]

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