T3QM: Three Questions Model

One of the projects where Inqubator Leeuwarden was recent involved, is about the Three Question Model of Developing Social Entrepreneurs (T3QM).

T3QM had the aim at enabling a wide variety of aspirant adult entrepreneurs, from backgrounds of need. The specific focus is on those who fail to access traditional support, to practically develop their enterprise idea by approaching business development not as a theoretical exercise, but from the perspective of the market, the entrepreneur and the steps needed to start a business. It is a new and unique tool for adult education organisations to offer bespoke support which can strengthen local communities and economies.


The 3 Question Model asks three questions as the start of the entrepreneurial learning pathway:

  1. What are you selling?
  2. To whom?
  3. For how much?


From here the learner experience consists of adult educator and successful entrepreneur led coaching, business scenarios, learning materials and real life business experience. Throughout the model the aim is to develop entrepreneurial skills and competencies, raise aspirations through on-going support from individuals who have taken the same journey and create a new enterprise and job for the adult learner.

In the T3QM partnership Inqubator Leeuwarden collaborates with partners from 6 countries: Bridging to the Future (UK), the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development (Greece), European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative studies Institute (Lithuania), JO Consulting (Italy) and the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives (Malta).

The T3QM project is already finished, but the results of the project are and will remain available for use! Those are a guide and tools for educators and a handy online tool for starting entrepreneurs to immediately work on their own business model!

Do you want to learn more about this project? Visit www.3questionsmodel.eu or contact Sasha.

Inqubator Leeuwarden

Inqubator Leeuwarden