An internship model for developing entrepreneurial skills in higher education.

Competitiveness of European economy requires citizens and particularly young people to be innovative, creative, flexible and courageous to face challenges in a dynamic and volatile economy.

Young people need to become ‘entrepreneurs’: they should be able to turn ideas into action, successfully develop new commercial and social ventures and be innovator in the organizations where they work.

The entrepreneurial mind-set is not a personal characteristic and it can be developed through learning and experience within the education system. The European Union has set as a strategic objective to enhance creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship at all levels of education and training (Education and Training 2020).

EnterMode aims to stimulate entrepreneurial skills of higher education teaching staff and company staff and develop the entrepreneurial mind-set and related skills of higher education students through, for example, developing an Internship model, Community of Practice, a teachers’ guide and a Serious Game.

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Inqubator Leeuwarden