VIP@work focuses on VET internships at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Often large companies are familiar with hiring interns. SMEs are less familiar with this because they do not have the connections, the possibilities or do not know what added value an intern can have.

VIP@work wants to increase the capacity of business support organizations to support SMEs in becoming internship employers. Business support organizations are those who are in daily contact with SMEs and are the perfect link between the SMEs and the VET schools. The goal is to improve the knowledge of business support organisations. By being part of a regional partnership, they will obtain information on potential sectors in their specific region, where internships can be developed. In addition, materials for business support organisations are available to inform, inspire and train SMEs to take steps to hire interns. VIP@work provides materials for the SME companies as well, so that they have the motivation and knowledge to hire interns. Interested? Register on the VIP@work platform and benefit from the above mentioned materials, which are developed for both business support organizations and SME companies!

Inqubator Leeuwarden has worked with partners from Romania (NERDA), Italy (Eurocrea), Ireland (Momentum), Denmark (European E-Learning Institute), Greece (CCS) and the Netherlands (Friesland College) on the VIP@work project.

The project ran until November 2019, but all developed materials are and will remain available!

Would you like to know more about this project? Visit the project’s website or contact Nynke.

Inqubator Leeuwarden