The e-Training Centre for Social Entrepreneurs is specially designed to promote entrepreneurial culture among long term unemployed through the provision of tools to develop their projects that should solve a specific challenge in their community.

Based on the management model implemented in the social economy sector, the aim is to convey the importance of human capital, even more than economic capital, as the basis for creating a stable and competitive company, the leading role of collaborative working structures and the importance of the confluence of goals and business results with the needs and potentials of the environment in which companies operate.

The project focuses on the work for the improvement of certain generic skills, such as active entrepreneurship, critical thinking and digital competences, using the theoretical bases of social economy to work the collaborative spirit, business associativism, inclusive entrepreneurial thinking.

All these will be worked through an educational tool based on a set of innovative teaching methods, using new technologies for the development of a Virtual Learning Environment in order to create a complete virtual educational experience.

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