Entrepreneurial education for secondary school teachers

Research shows that entrepreneurship education affects students’ motivation, compensates for their involvement, facilitates the transition from school to work and reduces school drop-out rates. The aim of the Student Talent Bank project is therefore also to increase the entrepreneurial competencies and mind-set of secondary school teachers, in order for their students to obtain entrepreneurial skills.


Together with partners from France (ALDA), Greece (Platon), Belgium (European Schoolnet), Spain (University of Valladolid), Italy (Eurocrea Merchant) and Romania (the Education Inspectorate), Stichting Inqubator has developed a course for teachers. Inqubator was responsible for the modules related to the themes Diversity Management and Talent Management & Coaching. Five teachers from each partner country were given the opportunity to follow a training course in the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, Belgium and to learn more about entrepreneurial skills of their students could be enhanced.


The above-mentioned course is already available on the Student Talent Bank Platform. This course is offered on the basis of Learning Snacks (effective tools that can be quickly deployed to improve entrepreneurial skills among one’s own students). There is also an online community for students, the Student Talent Time Bank, where students can exchange their “talents” with each other.


This project ran from November 2017 to January 2020, but all of the above materials are and will remain available! Interested in the Student Talent Bank project? Please visit the project’s website or contact Sasha!

Inqubator Leeuwarden