Entrepreneurship Is a Woman 2

EIW2 is part of the program ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ (EYE). EYE enables new entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who started their own business in the last three years to gain valuable skills and experience beside an experienced SME’s founder. Since then until today thousands of entrepreneurs have participated in this program.

The European program provides practical and financial support for new entrepreneurs staying and working besides an experienced entrepreneur in another European country. The financial support received by the new entrepreneur is usually between 530 and 1,100 euros per month, depending on the country of destination

EIW2 is the short name for ‘Entrepreneurship Is a Woman 2’. EIW2 aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among European citizens and especially among women to encourage cooperation and entrepreneurship. However, EYE is open to everyone: male/female, younger/older, all entrepreneurs are more than welcome! To reach this goal, Inqubator collaborates with partners  from Lithuania (Europe Institute), Greece (Institute of Entrepreneurship Development), Portugal (C4G Consulting and Training network), Spain (Educational Association for Integration and Equality), Bosnia Herzegovina (Association Center for Development of Social Entrepreneurship), United Kingdom (Bridging to the Future) and Ukraine (Regional Support Fund).

Are you a new entrepreneur (less than 3 years entrepreneurial experience) and do you want to improve your entrepreneurial skills besides an experienced SME founder abroad? Or are you an experienced entrepreneur (more than 3 years entrepreneurial experience) and would you like to host and coach a new, foreign entrepreneur?

Please contact Nynke for more information.

Inqubator Leeuwarden