Café Europe

Together with Stichting VerbindMij and Stichting Jong & Ondernemend Friesland, Inqubator starts a 'community driven' café. We are working with organizations from Turkey, Greece and the Czech Republic on this Erasmus + project, which will start in June 2020.

In every European Member State we create meeting places for social and entrepreneurial activities for and by young people. The aim of this collaboration is to create a strong, fertile, social and business growth place for every young person.

One of Café Europe’s core concepts is social inclusion. In Café Europe, immigrant and native youth set up their own projects together. They identify needs, come up with solutions and carry out their projects from start to finish. In these projects, the young people will (further) develop their entrepreneurial skills and build up a stable network. With this, Café Europe contributes to solving challenges that often involve integration, such as the lack of a social safety net or a listening ear.

Café Europe has a lot to offer for all young people. Through cooperation between native and immigrant youth, both groups can further develop their social skills, learn a new culture, expand their own network, gain work experience and so on.

Do you want to think along or do you know the perfect place for a Café Europe? Let us know! Please contact Nynke de Jager at

Inqubator Leeuwarden