Inqubator has, in previous years, helped more than 100 entrepreneurs in setting up their business. You can read more about the entrepreneurs and start-ups we are currently mentoring here.

  • Orange Biometric

    Innovation center for revolutionary products.

  • Hopon

    Connecting people on their way to work.


    Innovation and marketing (online) training that fills the gap between the current education system and innovative industry.

  • TreeTech B.V.

    Introducing the gameplay of mouse and keyboard in the most modular way possible!

  • Mooie Dingen Makers

    Looking for the right person? We will arrange it.

  • Playstudio

    PlayStudio is an Android app development studio, focussing on communication apps.

  • Ticketguard

    Dynamic identification for daily use

  • Musebox

    Optimise and integrate work processes.


    I help companies increase their online performance

  • ConsultantBos

    Let government policy work to your advantage!

  • Bouw Betere Business

    Achieving that through Building Better Business, people get the most out of change processes (people and others) by acting on motivation factors. Our mission is to have a large share in the lasting result and success of our customer.

  • Kartvakanties

    Are you the new Max? It’s time to find out!

  • Dyseno

    The trademark office for awareness and recognisability. With branding, new media and social media, Dyseno provides powerful brands.   

  • Loofy’s

    Clean yourself & nature.

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