Inqubator has, in previous years, helped more than 100 entrepreneurs in setting up their business. You can read more about the entrepreneurs and start-ups we are currently mentoring here.

  • Factuurtje

    Not a complicated accounting program needed for entrepreneurs with simple administrations. We built an easy to use app to help you out.

  • SASA Solutions

    SASA enables organisations to leverage mobile devices to engage and transact with customers.

  • Reach Software AI

    Let A.I. do the work for you. is the ONLY Fully Automated & Integrated Marketing Platform.


    Algri is a web platform that makes connecting supply and demand within agriculture even livelier, faster, more transparent and easier.

  • BOXO

    Reusable shipping packaging is the norm when shopping online in the Netherlands.

  • Bitplatform

    A platform that simplifies the development process for freelancers and software companies through its clean project templates and easy-to-use one-click build and deployment feature.

  • Evise

    EVISE works on the hardware and software side together with professional partners on the most effective EV charging system for each specific situation.

  • Water Knight

    Industrial wastewater treatment is very complex and no single solution is suitable for all usage scenarios

  • SEC-Security Event Crew

    Dynamic entrance management and event security for major dance events in the Netherlands.

  • Feels like home

    Feels like home Event Crew

  • Orderli

    The best QR ordering solution!

  • Musebox

    Optimise and integrate work processes.

  • SMOOB B.V.

    We are a self-driving car – autonomous mobility startup.

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