About us

Inqubator is run by a team of enthusiastic professionals with a spirit for entrepreneurship. Please see below for more about who we are and who the best person for you to contact is.

Inqubator Leeuwarden is for anyone who is an entrepreneur or would like to start a company in Leeuwarden. We have developed various programmes to suit this purpose; these have been designed to seamlessly match to your individual needs. As part of the programme, you will be able to work at the MICA building in Leeuwarden. This space is an inspiring and vibrant environment, where all kinds of different start-ups and entrepreneurs are busy growing their businesses.

When participating in the Inqubator all of your business utilities are provided for. We have fast fiber-optic internet, coffee and tea, the use of meeting rooms and a series of workshops, master-classes and networking events. Take a look at our different programmes that are offered to entrepreneurs.

Inqubator Leeuwarden