Why Friesland?

Friesland is a beautiful province in the north of the Netherlands, only 1 hour away from Amsterdam. With its 660.00 inhabitants, she ranks the number 1 happiest province in the Netherlands. And happiness is not the only thing we excel in. The high standard of living translates to our economy. Friesland is the leading region in Europe when it comes to circular economy, that includes our key economic sectors like Water, Agrifood and HTSM.

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Economic DNA of Friesland

Friesland has always acted with the awareness that economic growth and prosperity growth are not synonyms. Especially in light of the challenges that we face today. In the coming years, various transitions will have to be realized in the areas of sustainability, digitization, and food production. Friesland distinguishes herself by focusing on the preservation of the biosphere and social inclusion as a basis for economic development. In order to further strengthen this sustainable growth, a circular economy, including our regional key sectors like Water, Agrifood and HTSM will be fully pursued. This makes us a world-class region where the circular economy is blooming!

Leeuwarden European capital of water technology

Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland, specializes in water technology. Already an important hub in The Netherlands, our capital quickly became a European hub as well. Currently acting as the hub for water technology is WaterCampus Leeuwarden. The WaterCampus is a public private partnership of the Province of Friesland, the municipality of Leeuwarden, networking organization Water Alliance and research institutes Wetsus and CEW. By facilitating cooperation between businesses, governments and research institutions, the WaterCampus wants to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship to help solve global water problems.

This translates to new business development programs throughout the province. The WaterCampus offers startups in the water sector help by providing them with coaching, access to facilities such as laboratories, as well as an international network and funding when needed. BeStart is a cleantech acceleration program and the BioBizz Hub in Balk assist bio-based startups with scaling up and entering the (international) market. This is all strengthened by the Frisian startup network which is close-knit and strong. Interested or want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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