Programme for Entrepreneurs

Inqubator has developed a special program that helps you both with setting up or growing your business.

Inqubator Programme

Would you like to start a business? Or, have you already started? The Inqubator can help with both setting up and growing your business. Entrepreneurs who would like to work full-time with their own company can enrol in the special Inqubator programme in which the Business Model Canvas (BMC) is utilised to provide insight into your company. 

You will also have an appointment every week with a team-member from the Inqubator. Each week you can meet with the projectmanager from the Inqubator team about your business model and to set yourself milestones which are checked on a bi-weekly basis. The subsequent week, you will be able  to speak with the business development specialist in order to go deeper into what you are working on, and also to help address any issues you may encounter.

In addition to this mentoring, entrepreneurs enrolled at the Inqubator have access to a diary of activities and events at no extra cost. Every final Thursday of the month, an ideation event is held where entrepreneurs share their activities from the previous month and draw upon the experiences and ideas of other to help them further.

Inqubator has a large support network for its entrepreneurs, who can help with growing your business. Our network includes accountants, marketeers, investors; business developers and so on. All of our partners are very supportive of start-ups and will be able to help you professionally, at a greatly reduced rate, or just by provide seasoned advice.

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