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Entrepreneurial education for secondary school teachers

Research shows that entrepreneurship education has an impact on the motivation of the students, increases students’ engagement, facilitates the transition from school to work and reduces drop-out rates. Student Talent Bank wants to increase the entrepreneurial competences and mind-set of teachers.


Together with ALDA France, Platon Greece, European Schoolnet Belgium, University of Valladolid Spain, Eurocrea Merchant Italy and The School Inspectorate Romania, Stichting Inqubator will develop an entrepreneurial course for teachers. Inqubator will be in the lead for developing modules that cover the topics Diversity Management and Talent Management and Coaching. Five teachers from each country get the change to be trained at the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels Belgium.


The educational programme will be available on the Student Talent Bank Platform. The programme will be delivered with Learning Snacks (short Continual Professional Development opportunities). The Learning Snacks will be offered to teachers through a closed Community of Practices. On the Platform there is also an online community for students, the Student Talent Time Bank, to motivate and activate students and help teachers to manage school drop-outs. The community helps teachers to support students to exploit their potential through the definition of their talent.


Inqubator is looking forward working together with secondary school teachers to make this project successful. Interested in the project or in the training at the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels? Contact Nynke!

Inqubator Leeuwarden

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