Expanding International

As part of our program, you have the possibility to explore new international markets to expand your business. Working together with the (Grandjury Prize winning) EU project Lean Landing and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. We arrange matchmaking, masterclasses on the local market, netwerk, your trip and costs. All suited for your needs to explore different European countries.

If your goals are to discover the opportunities of other European markets, or to expand your netwerk arboard, or to search for launching costumers in a new country. The program of the Inqubator Leeuwarden helps you set the first steps in finding, meeting and exploring new markets abroad.


Lean Landing – Fast track to new markets in 1 or 2 days

With 26 partners, accelerators and incubator from: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom and The Netherlands. Lean Landing is an European project from Interreg which has the goals the match innovative startups to new partners and market within the North Sea Region.


Exploring other markets with Lean Landing with 1 – 2 day programs. Join for FREE and get a 100% refund on your travel costs.



Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs – Exchange program for new and host entrepreneurs in 1 – 6 months

This EU funded crossborder exchange program allows entrepreneurs to team up, innovate and explore new markets. For 1 to 6 months a new of aspiring entrepreneur (NE) stays with an host entrepreneurs (HE) from another country. Develops key entreprenurial skills, learn to avoid business traps and accelerate no the road to succes.


See which countries are participating.

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