Inqubator has, in previous years, helped more than 100 entrepreneurs in setting up their business. You can read more about the entrepreneurs and start-ups we are currently mentoring here.

  • Ticketguard

    Ticketguard delivers simpler, smarter and safer ticketing solutions. It tackles ticketing in a fundamentally different way through the coherence of technical innovation and a new methodology. As a result, the customer gets total control and insight from their end users or visitors in the live entertainment industry, public transport and enterprise. In this way, Ticketguard […]

  • Stampcard

    With the StampCard app, you can save on a discount in a new way. The paper stamp cards that you get with your hairdresser or favorite coffee shop are no longer up to date. Stamp cards create an overcrowded wallet, you lose them and are not sustainable either. With our app you get the discount […]

  • Musebox

    Musebox helps you and your company save time, effort and costs. This is done by streamlining work processes and designing easy-to-use custom web applications that largely automate recurring tasks. Whether it’s planning your call staff, managing bookings or developing new services, Musebox helps you get it done in less time with less hassle.

  • Kartvakanties

    Kartvantie connects people through racing. In a full weekend everything is about karting and racing. Together with (new) friends, colleagues or other karting enthusiasts, experience the adrenaline that pours through your body when you shave at high speeds just above the asphalt. And then, of course, there are the sweltering afterthiews. All in all, a […]

  • Accretio

    There are so many young people who do not know what they want to study after secondary school or what they want to do in the future. In addition, there are enough students who discontinue their studies because they make the wrong choice. It is often only after a while that young people find out […]

  • Loofy’s

    Clean yourself & nature. This is the mission of the circular company Loofy’s. By using natural raw materials, the brand is developing into a fresh and fair alternative to the existing bath and shower products. Loofy’s distinguishing feature is that no plastic is used, neither in the products nor in the packaging. In this way […]

  • Goed Bezig in Detail

    Goed Bezig agency is more than just the link between employer and employee. They are aimed at paying attention to the qualities of the employee in relation to the vacancy offered. In addition, they stand for clarity in communication, which is indispensable in order to reach sound agreements.   Goed Bezig focuses first on the “retail” […]

  • KUCH

    Kuch started up a small brewery in an old dairy in Burgum. Kuch, the old Frisian word for bread, tells the unique cultural story of how beer originally was brewed centuries ago, namely through fermenting bread. And how this is translated into the twenty-first century by circular brewing with residual bread. In this way Kuch […]

  • Dyseno

    The team consists of several freelancers, all with specific expertise. From graphic designers to marketers, from developers to copywriters. The all-round leading forces are the entrepreneurs (and friends) Daniel and Amran. They have more than ten years of experience in making brands. For years they run several companies that they have built up from the […]

  • Klant in Zicht

    Klant in Zicht is a young online communication/marketing agency of Frisian entrepreneur Skelte Anema. With Klant in Zicht, he assists companies with the use of Social Media, SEO/SEA (Google Adwords) and Webdesign. You can work independently online via various coaching programmes. In addition, Klant in Zicht can also take care of the entire online communication […]

  • CC-Cosmetics

    At the end of 2015, Alain came into contact with Bad Lab in a small supermarket in Malaysia. On holiday looking for a new gel or wax. “Abroad, I always look for products from that country or continent. To experience what kind of products there are in the world and not in Europe to get. […]

  • TreeTech B.V.

    TreeTech BV is a company from the North of the Netherlands that is active in innovative consumer electronics. TreeTech BV is currently developing a completely new concept in the field of game controllers. The PO!NT game controller is the first modular game controller in the world and brings unprecedented accuracy to any platform. The different […]

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