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Blockchain Hackathon 2018

6 april tot 8 april

64 Teams, 8 different tracks and €100.000 in cash prizes!

Welcome to the second editition of Blockchaingers world’s biggest blockchain hackathon in Groningen, The Netherlands!

Apply with your team here! Join us on Slack!

Our mission is to co-create the next operating system for our society!

The Blockchaingers hackathon is part of a year-long innovation-driven programme with twelve consecutive events, featuring thematic Deep Dives and track Deep Dives, from November to March.

This hackathon is not a ‘team forming on location, pizza and beer, see what we can come up within a few hours’ kinda hackathon.

This is a ‘we have launching customers ready to cooperate with outperforming teams and an experience of a lifetime’ kinda hackathon!


We are welcoming 64 teams from around the globe to dive into 48 hours of hands-on, code-cracking, brain-twisting blockchain frenzy in order to solve global challenges on the spot. Is your team ready for it? Apply here!


5 – 8 APRIL 2018 

Thursday April 5:


Welcoming party

Friday April  6:

Opening Blockchaingers Hackathon

Saturday April 7:


Sunday April 8:

Rewarding and acceleration.


Former sugarfactory

Energieweg 10 Groningen, The Netherlands


Open from November 1st till February 28th 2018.

Apply with your team here!


Teams consist of 4 to 8 people.


You will need blockchain expertise in order to solve global challenges. Participants of the Blockchaingers Hackathon will have to study this new technology or have professional experience.

Every team needs a diverse set of skills. For instance, you need business experts, marketing guru’s, technical wizards, etc. Important: make sure your team consists of people that can quickly adapt to change, as during our hackathon you will be experiencing time pressure in a dynamic environment.

What you need:

Minimum of 4 team members:

  • Two developers
  • UX/ UI designer
  • Business/ enterprise/ software architect

Suggested additional experts (maximum of 8 team members):

  • Data wizard
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business or marketing expert
  • Creative (art, audio, etc.)
  • Domain expert
  • Communications expert



Do you already have a team and are you looking for additional team members?

  • Sign up and use our community where you add your team and job openings
  • Join Slack, meet the community and post your job opening.


Got talent? Don’t have a team yet? Don’t worry!

  • Sign up and find teams here and job openings here
  • Join Slack to connect with teams on the lookout.

How to apply:

  1. Apply as a Team. This is a two-part process.
    Step 1: Use the tab Team on our website.
    Step 2: Register your Team in the typeform.
  2. As an individual, you can join an existing team or create a new team. Team openings and creations are presented in the tab Spots on our website. We urge you to use Slack for conversations about team creation.


We want to make sure each team fits the track. Team captains of teams that pass initial selection, will be invited for the Blockchaingers Curation Call!

During this call we want to learn more about your motivation, ambition and expertise and find out if your team fits the track and is ready to participate in the hackathon.


Last year, we received 650 applications within one month, prior to the hackathon so this year we’ll take a bit more time. Want to secure your spot? Apply in time!

For each track:

  • 4 teams will be confirmed before February 1st
  • 3 teams will be confirmed before March 1st
  • 1 team will be confirmed before April 1st

Apply your team here!

Link event:

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