New brands that shake up the existing market!

At the end of 2015, Alain came into contact with Bad Lab in a small supermarket in Malaysia. On holiday looking for a new gel or wax. “Abroad, I always look for products from that country or continent. To experience what kind of products there are in the world and not in Europe to get. I think that gives an extra dimension to the holiday. Because you can always get and buy the same things all over Europe. That is also the problem. In this industry there are few innovative brands that do things differently. It’s all standard and every brand has a link to a large organization. Take a look at Unilever, for example. Which brands are not included? It is time for this market to wake up with new brands. You see it happening in a lot of other industries. There are many emerging small businesses there that are growing very fast. Only the cosmetic world is so solid and traditional. This must change. CC-Cosmetics is an organisation that is looking for brands that do things differently and that are there for a different target group.


Inqubator Leeuwarden