Over the past three years, Inqubator Leeuwarden and Mentorprogramma Friesland (cooperation of 2 VET and 2 HE institutes in Friesland) joined by several organisations in Europe have been working on promoting Social Entrepreneurship in the region. VET colleges, business incubators and regional governments from Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, the UK, Finland and the Netherlands searched for more knowledge on the subject of social enterprise and found it with and at each other in the project SESAME. 

Several products have been developed to learn about and promote social entrepreneurship. A comprehensive module Social Enterprise for VET students has been made and implemented at two VET colleges in Friesland; Friesland College and Friese Poort. Also the workshops on entrepreneurship Inqubator Leeuwarden provides to VET students in Leeuwarden now contain a fixed part on Social Entrepreneurship.   

Because BDF and Inqubator Leeuwarden feel that companies can and should play an important role in solving social issues, Social Entrepreneurship became a key aspects of our mission statement. In our network we emphasize the value of Social Enterprises over and over. Above all, Social Entrepreneurs are top of the class business owners as they often deal with a highly complex business model. Primarily they focus on creating value for the society, in addition they have to care for continuity, growth and financial profit. In our incubator we support these social start-ups, as it are especially the SOCIAL start-ups that need to be established with conviction and sense of reality. The idea that people will buy your product just because it’s good for the world is fiction. Primarily, you need to provide the best product or the best service.

More information about SESAME and the SESAME materials on or contact Marie-jetske.

The project has been funded with support from the Strategic Partnership programme Erasmus+.

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