Entrepreneurship education in VET

Because we are always looking for ways to promote entrepreneurship and improve entrepreneurship education for students, in autumn of 2016 we joined the partnership project MASTER  (Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship). MASTER compares different forms of entrepreneurship education in Europe to create a practical set of entrepreneurship classes. These lessons can subsequently be used at the workshops and master classes we provide to VET students in Leeuwarden.

MASTER provides lots of practical information and guides to help teachers help students to start up and become more entrepreneurial. MASTER (Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship) is designed to improve entrepreneurship education for all students, not just those individuals who express an interest in starting a business.

Entrepreneurship is now understood as a mind-set with a specific set of competences of value to all individuals not just those who want to start up or run a business. These competences – creativity, innovation, risk-taking; autonomy, initiative, problem solving, etc. are all very valuable traits and skills for students which better their chances for success in all aspects of their professional (and personal) life.

Within MASTER, Inqubator Leeuwarden cooperates with Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council (UK), vocational college Technical Education Copenhagen (DK), Post-secondary college Cebanc (San Sebastian, ES), Roscommon Leader Partnership (IE), Feltech Software Innovations (Woorford, IE) and EfVET (Brussels, BE).

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